Monday, July 16, 2007


Saw a movie about the life of Johnny Cash last night on Star.
That old country music and the wonderful deep voice is so appealing. He teams up to sing with this pretty pretty girl with a deep, great voice..June carter played by Reese Witherspooon. She look cute and sexy tho I wouldnt have thought so especially with a name like that.

But the theme of the movie is actually his love affair for June. She teams up with him on stage to take care of her kids and family. He' s married too but cant get her out of his system. They split but get back together on the road.

He keeps asking her to marry him- she wont. He takes to booze and drugs. She reforms him and supports him while he starts singing again. And she still wont marry him even tho he keeps asking her till ...the end very romantically of course on stage.

What puzzles me is why he stills stays fascinated with her. Its not even unsatisfied lust because she does sleep with him. Then what draws and holds him to her altho she keeps saying get away.

Like prince Edward who gave up his throne to marry Mrs. ...?

Johnny cash tells her I just want to look after you and your girls. In vetai au.. Kamal hassan tells Jothika when she says i do like you, from this moment you and May are mine. Is there some possessive instinct that wants to bind and keep in all or most men.

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