Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Cider Rules

John Irving is a fabulous writer. He has wealth of detail and lots of story. Each character is distinct and unique and clear. How does this man think...? in a world of his own all the time?
the plots.. you cant even call it one.. it twists and turns and goes on and on.
This is fantasy , absurdity with lots of reality. While Rushdie is rather boring; Irving.. some of his books are fantastic. Widow for one year.. Cider house rules

His hotel books.. New Hampshire with the recurring theme of the bear.. you really cant recall the stories later.. but you can enjoy them while you read them.

Cider house starts with a Doc who becomes an abortionist when it was illegal. He runs an orphanage to keep the kids whom he cant abort. Loner. Ether sniffer; adored by his two tireless nurses.. Surrounded by kids some of whom are so distinct; his pet is Homer Wells.

Homer wells starts helping him with the baby deliveries when he is a boy. But refuses to go to Medical school. When a beautiful couple turns up to have an abortion he goes back with them to learn to grow apples and make cider.

The cider rules are stuck up every year for the team of apple pickers. They have ones of their own.- Dont mix too much with whites. The society in Maine has its own- let people come to their senses when they will - the committee that runs the orphanage has some more - and life has lots.
and they keep changing.. that's what Homer discovers.

He falls in love with Candy..the girl of the beautiful couple who are so kind to him. Wally, the other half, shares his room and clothes with Homer. Wally goes away to war and is reported missing/shot. Homer and Candy get together, she gets pregnant and they go back to St.Cloud's orphanage and hospital to have the baby.
They come back to Maine saying this baby we adopted. Wally reappears, crippled.
Candy is torn between the two men in her life. And she tells Homer she can only decide when she sees Wally. Sympathy and long friendship wins. She marries Wally and they all live together with the baby, Angel. Candy and Wally downstairs, angel and Homer upstairs. Does Wally know is what tortures them. And Angel is going to discover who his parents are.
And that's as far as I v'e got.

Saw the end of Pretty Woman for the nth time again. The end and when she goes shopping.. satisfying to woman’s soul. Like the new serial, Ugly Betty . Most women think they are ugly or appear ugly. And when ugly betty is revered for her smartness and cuteness and brightness and cheerfulness, then its like ok you have value and it can be your story.

Viva la chick lit and tv.

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