Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday went by like molasses.

Sunday went by like molasses.
That's what I thought. Slow, sticky, sweet and rather pleasant without being demanding.

And then I thought what do I know of molasses? Growing up and living in South India, all I know is sticky sweet jaggery or better 'vellam'. Which I've seen being pounded under the strong feet of dirty labourers in hot Trichy. A sight which my kids can see no more. All they know is the clean round large balls of jaggery in sanitised polythene. They don't know those pyramid shaped cones which we used to suck on, spitting out the dirt in the end after badgering whoever in the kitchen, on long hot afternoons with nothing to do.

Then why am I talking of molasses? Because of my English education and all the reading I do. Phrases which have nothing to do with my life pop up automatically in my head.

But without it, would I ever know how a lesbian feels when her partner has a child and she is the other Mommy and wonders desperately how the child will bond with her and what will she teach it to call her? A life experience I could never imagine or think about if I didnt have this English education.

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