Sunday, June 10, 2007

People and Layers

Two actresses of yesteryear were talking on tv of how they interact with the actors of today. The young people come in with a feeling of awe and after a while, they become very casual; maybe thinking 'oh that's all to you" and showing it sometimes.

In all the relationships we have too - first its so much wonder and awe and delight. We think how great it is that this awesome person is now interacting with us. But as the relationship proceeds and we discover the layers underneath, then the awe wears off a bit. We see the other side with its not so pretty things. We discover frailties where we thought only rock existed. The new ideas that charmed and attracted us we take for granted and sometimes we find that there is not much more.

The veneer wears as ours does too. We take the other person for granted. Sometimes a distance grows once the initial excitement of discovery has gone. But then, something happens and you turn to this person again. And you discover the core of affection that remains.

So it is with everyone, rich or poor, famous or not. There is the good and bad and you have to decide which is the mix you can live with.

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