Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dressing Up or Down?

Why does one create a blog and then abandon it for weeks? Because you have so many people in your life ( read guests) so why talk to yourself. Another way to dry up is to tell people, yoohooo I have this blog. Please please read it. And then you are conscious you are writing for other people, ( you imagine people are going to log in the moment you finish) not yourself and your thoughts go somewhere they shouldn't.

Its wedding season and I don't seem to have anything to wear? Where did everything go? What did I do all these years? Why isn't Mummy around so I can blame everything on her? You never bought me anything. Now I have to think of my kids too and shoulder their silent accusations bravely. And pray desperately they are not buying stuff I will dislike. And pray even more desperately that even if I dislike it, God give me the strength to say lovely and stuff a hanky in my mouth.

Now that I have reached the beginnings of middle ages, (I hope I'm going to be here a long while before I get old) I seem to want look good. I need good clothes, good stuff. And maybe a little bit of make up to help.

Actually make up is not for the young. They don't need the help do they? Any girl at 17 is pretty. She just has to be 17. Vadivel has slightly different take on this one. Its for the older woman who is dying to compete and look just a little better before she gives up.

I read in Femina today that both types - those who use make up and those who don't are equally contemptuous and envious of the other half!!!
Those without make up think that the ones with are looking glamorous and are making the best of themselves.
The make up types think the other half is looking down on them. The signal from that side is ' Im fine as I am. I don't need you to think I look good. So stay off'.
And women who work in a very male dominated environment don't use make up, dont gossip or flirt because they want to blend in with the rest of the crowd.
That' strange. But seems understandable.

Men say they don't like women who look made up. Then why do they ogle so?:-))

Okay, lets get dressed.

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