Monday, March 9, 2009

The Time has to Come

Last week was my 'miracle week'. So many good things happened, some problems hanging over me for months got resolved out of the blue.

The big one was an electricity problem- after months of lights blowing, appliances hardly working - the EB people finally admitted that it might be their problem and fixed it. It took six months of knocking at their doors every week. Now, its such a relief that I can touch water taps without a shock ; lights glow bright , the microwave works, heaters heat and the computer after crashing has been restored.
The fault was with someone in the neighbourhood who had been tapping current and miswired his motor. ( this in case something like this happens to you)

Dachu's PAN card was traced after 3 months to a courier in Coonoor who was happily sitting on it without taking the trouble to inform us.
Other minor things kept happening everyday. Some of my teeth got fixed:-)

But what did occur to me was that if I had gone to visit a temple/saint or done some special prayers just before, I would have believed strongly in whichever that was. That might have given me more faith and strength. But it didn't happen.
I just have to believe that things happen only at their own pace.

Of course, when I thought that the good time was here; I tried pushing the library. I do owe an explanation to all the people who have been supportive of this venture with cash and books and encouragement.

We have been trying to find a suitable place - criteria being central location, low rent and nominal advance. When I put up the appeal, there was such a place but the owner backed out - not so clearly saying no but promising it 'in 10 days', every 2 weeks. Alternatives are too costly to afford on a long term basis. But leads and hope are there and one should materialise soon.

In between, Ive tried other things. Like reading Secrets and sending out energetic messages desperately. Visualising the library.Only it got bigger and brighter each time.Prayers.

I guess, everything happens in its own time. And this library will, Im sure sometimesoon. Even today I got promised a space. All the good wishes and good will of people have to make it happen.


sandsofchange said...

I too have felt the same on some occasions. I liked your concluding para: "everything happens in its own time".

Maddy said...

i agree - many people tell me not to push hard, that things will happen when they should. but mortals are mortals.. we have no time - in a hurry as always...when will we slow down?

kallu said...

Im surprised and pleased with your responses, Pradeep and Maddy. Because I was wondering if I was being too defeatist and not 'making things happen'. But it does happen to 'everyone'.Reassuring to know.


No, no, Kalyani, not defeatist at all. But practical. You knocked at the doors, but the person who answered it delayed. Had you not knocked at all,you would have been to blame.

That said, I have to say this which on the surface may be funny, but a deep truth lies therein.
"What what thing what what tithiley happeno, that that thing that that tithiley happeney happen."


And am glad that your problems have been sorted out.

kallu said...

Thanks Raji. Reassuring.
That saying is funny :-) Im hard put to even reproduce it. But meaning comes through and stays when its couched so differently.

Yes, a very relieved feeling. But you know what the mind is, other things crowd in to take the place of problems solved. Still, majorly peace reigns and gratitude .

Swarna said...

So life's lesson continues to be 'slow and steady'? And the library's time is waiting round the corner...

kallu said...

Yes..Swarna.. that's it in a nutshell. Though sometimes, things happen like magic all of a sudden. Specially with marriage alliances; sometimes everything just whizzes into place

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

glad to know that life's going so well for you! :-)

Gardenia said...

Very sound and sensible philosophy!

kallu said...

Thanks Lakshmi. I hope its going well for you too.

Gowri, thanks :-))))