Friday, December 19, 2008


I was chatting with a friend on the phone.
"Are you eating lunch ?" she asked wistfully.
"Yes" I answered.
"I' m drinking mine, " she said in a sad voice.
I had to laugh and say "Think of all the kilos you are losing, " encouragingly.
"Yes" she said happily " I've lost 2 kg in 3 days."
Instantly, I thought ' that's only water'. I don't know whether this is true or not or just made up by jealous people like me.

She was cheerfully enconsed in an Ayurveda treatment place drinking her toxins out. And getting pampered with treatments like oil massages and mud packs which made her feel like a princess she said.
But hearing her drool over my simple lunch made me feel lucky.

Erma Bombeck said somewhere 'My way of losing weight is to go to one of those spa places. I lose a few kg, then I come back home and drink a glass of water, and it all comes back. "
That's what I hear about these terrific weight loss programmes. They are supposed to be teaching you new eating habits but can habits change so much unless we are threatened by ill health?

I decided to try the liquid diet for a day. Probably very good for my digestive system. The power was off and I couldn't even make any juices. Had to drink stuff like black tea. By afternoon, I was dreaming of rasam sadam which normally I don't even eat.

Truly, staying off good stuff you like may be good for digestion and those blood vessels but it makes one very bad tempered. And focused on what you are skipping.

Has anyone found die-hard habits which help keep weight way under control? Without making yourself unhappy?



Nice one.
But why should we? I mean , eat less to lose weight, unless we are drastically obese, and it might be detrimental to good health.

The size 0 is terrible, with young girls ending up with sunken cheeks and hollow eyes, ruining all the natural bloom of youth. To aspiring size 0-s I would say, if you are naturally skinny, fine. Otherwise, eat healthy and take care of your natural size, cherish it and nourish it. But don't end up looking like skeletons covered by skin.

kallu said...

True Raji. At some point, we should stop thinking about how we appear to other people.
But every woman I seem to know, is talking about her weight at some point. A bit too much, mostly.
Men seem happier with whatever they are - sizewise.