Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unsung Heroines

I met Dr.Vasantha yday after a couple of weeks. When I saw her last,she'd been suffering from severe pain in her arm for which she'd been recommended total rest.
That day, she had promised she would take some time off and give her arm and body some rest.

Well, obviously from the pain on her face, she hadn't done anything of the kind. She'd spent the day immunizing 150 babies.

Vasantha works for the Municipality. She holds five posts simultaneously (being paid for one) and jokes 'Im responsible for the health of the entire district'. Reason, people haven't been posted to the other 4.

" If I hadn't gone today, those 150 babies would have gone back and their health programme would have been upset. There's no one else to to carry it out" she said.

"What about the new doctor who's been posted here" I asked.
"He's not used to working so hard. He might get frightened and go on leave. I have to ease him gently into him new job," she said.

Vasantha's daughter says " The babies of Ooty can find other doctors to look after them. But my granddaughter has one only one paati. You'd better take some leave and come here and have some rest too."

Dr.Vasantha will get paid if she goes on on leave. Its her sense of duty that is keeping her going.

When we curse our government officers and functionaries, we could remember there are many people like Vasantha who have a huge sense of responsibility and keep doing more than their jobs.


Happy Kitten said...

May God increase her tribe..

It is true specially for doctors.. they often go beyond their call of duties forgetting everything else...

ayyo.... said...

The fact is that there are many such unsung heroes across the country and it is they who are responsible for whatever sane things we are subjected to.
We , comfortably blame the Govt. officers and bureaucrats for all the mess around.. but I dont think I would have had the courage to join a Municipality Hospital !!!
Hats off to Dr. Vasanta.. we need more people of your kind..


What a wonderful lady!
Thanks for sharing this with us.

kallu said...

Happy Kitten - yes, many doctors do work very hard.

Ayappan , they say every office has one person who keeps it functioning- quietly.

Raji, we have to give thanks that such people exist.

Maddy said...

i agree - they are the ones who turn the cogs and get the wheels in motion - of the creaking train our nation is on..

Devika said...

Such women are rare, but still many could be found...if we happen to see them
thank you that you recognised and honoured her, Kallu!
thank you

Indrani said...

Very inspiring, Kalyani.

Gardenia said...

A remarkable character - rare to find one today; but I like to think that everyone was like this fifty years ago. Felt really good to read this!

Devika said...

Hi Kallu..

i was about here two days before..but seems i didn't know what to do...or forgot to leave a comment..

i was in a kind of a trance..didn't know what i was doing, what i was thinking...
i wanted to invite you to read a latest of my blog..but today i've again added..

i would say, you may please read the latest at my three blogs sometime when you are free this week..


kallu said...

Thanks everybody.Is good to know that the good finds such an echo.

Devika, Im travelling and log in for a few minutes everyday just for mail.
Will definitely catch up with your blog once im back or when I can spend some time on the net.
Take care