Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sujatha -in Irandaam Kadhal Kadhai

Although the title says kadhal kadhai-love story; the story is more about a girl liberating herself - even, from love. Sujatha or Rangarajan proves himself as always a forerunner in thought.

This story was first published several years ago so I guess its okay to reveal bits of it.

Nidhi, the protagonist is a headstrong young girl, going to computer classes on the surface but actually going around town with her young lover, Dumbo. Her father suspects something is going on and actually gets a detective agency on her case. Nidhi is outraged. Father hastily arranges a marriage to a whiz kid who comes to his office to raise capital for his venture.

Post marriage, Nidhi finds her unease about her new husband growing. Many things are mysterious and shady in his life. At this point I wanted to abandon the book. We see enough of it on Tv and hear similar stories so often. But I did continue and Im glad.

Because Nidhi is no crying-buckets-type. She is bold and takes charge of her life.She escapes with great difficulty to come back home only to find her parents disbelieving and unsupportive.

In real life, many women can be convinced by her parents to go back. But not Nidhi. She contrives with the other partner of her father's firm to take charge of the firm ( she could since a lot of the shares are in her name) and plans her revenge on her father and her husband.
Meanwhile she sheds her playful girl avatar and becomes a very responsible, successful manager.

The characters in the book are all interesting.Very well etched.

Nidhi blames her father for several things. One he has never been a very good husband nor a good father although he has been a good provider.He has never listened really to her. But only wanted her to listen to his ideas and live life accordingly. In his haste, he doesn't investigate the new bridegroom whom he is convinced is a wonderful 'boy'.

Mom has never opposed her husband. Because, she says, her family was financially dependent on her husband, they taught her never to question him. Her job was look after home and children while he made all the decisions. Im left wondering if some women are/were like this truly?

Augustus, the perfect secretary is one interesting character in the book. Neat, dry, efficient he becomes Nidhi's guide in business and life. At one point she even feels she might marry him. This does happen very often in real life. Women are drawn to men who encourage support and help them; especially when they are going through a distressing patch. Even if they are socially or financially or otherwise junior. And sometimes marry them.

Dumbo the lover who feels outraged when Nidhi presses him to marry her. Too late he realizes what he's given up. He tries to get back to Nidhi later, but she has grown beyond him.

A young girl turning around a company may not be plausible. But the way she turns around her life is great. This story which appeared in Anadna vikatan years ago maybe was a forerunner of the serial which appear today on tv. A strong woman is inspiring and maybe that is why such stories and tv serials are popular. We need role models.



I remember reading this in Ananda Vikatan. I used to wait every week for the next chapter. I hated Nidhi's father and her wishy-washy mother, wanted to kill Dumbo, and admired Nidhi.

kallu said...

Nice Raji you remember so much.. Didnt you want to kill her 'terrible' husband too? :-)
All in all, not too good a showing of males in Nidhi's family