Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stray stuff

- with the blast of patriotism on TV on Aug15th and statements like 'you can take an Indian out of India, but you can't take India out of an Indian';
it made me wonder how NRI s feel on such days.Do they feel connected or nostalgic or just have gone past all this?

- Women have to keep listening - to their parents, then their husbands, and then their sons (Im not too sure about daughters ) about how their lives should be run.
Sharadha and I were discussing this - but how true is this truism?
Asking around, it seems to make a difference if the woman is working.
Money is power?


Lekhni said...

How do NRIs feel on I-day? A little nostalgic. Just like on festivals.

I am not sure that only working women can have their say. Haven't there always been dominating wives and henpecked husbands? And all working women aren't necessarily assertive..

Anonymous said...

That will give NRIs something to ponder over.

I guess it's not just women, men too have to listen, to parents, wives, sons and daughters. A working person -- man or woman -- has a choice to break free. We tend to discuss this more often with men since for all along women were tethered; a career has set her free.

kallu said...

Lekhni, I was thinking more about Indians who have become citizens of another country. Thanks for the insight on acutal NRIs though. And thanks for visiting my blog .Welcome

kallu said...

Pradeep, I guess I perceive men as more free. For example a simple act of leaving the house to go out - a girl just cannot go out without telling someone where she is going - while a boy can just leave.