Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goes round?

Does what we give come back to us? Through someone else? That's what we say and like to believe. But I had one instance happen to me yday.

An acquaintance - I can't even call him a friend - leaving town turned up and left me with more than 40 potted plants. An unexpected gift and one which is heart warming. The sight of 30 plants banked together can give warm pleasure to anyone whatever the plants.

I don't know this person too well. So why?

Many many years ago when we shifted to Madras, I handed over my young plant collection to an acquaintance- actually she was a friend of my mother's. I would have forgotten the deed except that she often brings it up.It seemed to be outside her experience that anyone could just hand over something without expecting something in return.
She has been so kind over the years, giving much more in return that my deed hardly counts.



Heart-warming experience - both incidents.

Indrani said...

Very few people can do something like this. Touching, really!

Thanks for the nice comment, Kalyani. :)