Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kamaraj's bday- World Literacy Promotion Day

One little bit for Literacy promotion.
This is our 'tution' class. As of Today. Since the number is rapidly growing and I have to use all sorts of threats to thin it down. It takes a lot of patience and I have to get smarter each day. And hopefully employ another teacher.

On occasion like today, when I ask for a list of 'action' words (verbs) and there are a lot of shouts, 'Rajini, Vjay, Vijaykanth, then Im hard put to stop laughing like mad. And I go on.

After a year of teaching 8 kids at home, and crossing a lot of language barriers, I have quit worrying about whether I'm, really doing them any good. I found my answer in Shama Futehally.When she says, 'just your presence is enough to make a difference to their lives. Interacting with a person out of their class, is broadening their minds. The book learning comes second'.


Indrani said...

Wonderful Kalyani! I feel proud of you. I would like to do something like this someday when I am bit more free. Great lesson for me too.

kallu said...

Thanks Indrani. I have a lot of support from friends (like you:-) and family. And its very satisfying.
One has to be in the right place and the right circumstances for anything good (or bad?) to happen. And what is right for me may not be right for another.
Sure you are already doing a lot of wonderful things in a different way.

ER Ramachandran said...

Wonderful work! May the strength of your class increase and more patience and power to you too.



I wonder what happened to the comment I posted yesterday! Or did I delete by mistake?

Any way I do think you are doing a great thing, and wish you all the best in it.

kallu said...

Thanks ERR . I need all the good wishes.

Raji, even if the comment is lost - the spirit is around .