Monday, June 30, 2008


The beginning is magnificent. The message is clear. Is it wise to trust in a God who may not always answer immediately?
The end with its special effects is a spectacle.

But inbetween, one can't quite follow the twists and turns and chases. And frankly, one doesn't care. The movie reminded me of a hundred others but mainly of Kamal's comedies with non stop quips and the story just hairpin bending all along. But he is no Crazy Mohan and the dialogue doesn't really catch.
Yes, he did talk about the Butterfly effect and I was very glad that Indrani had introduced us to this.

The main hero and heroine are boring people. Urvasi did the naive, innocent and focused TamBram maiden much better. When you see Kamal's other avatars , you just think why? Why this self-indulgence? The environmentalist spouting Tirunleveli Tamil with rolling eyes is impressive. The Punjabi cute, and Jayaprada as his wife, even cuter. Mallika Sherawat is interesting .

On the whole, tedious and not worth bullying a reluctant husband into accompanying one.

An added insight on Kamal and the movie by a fellow blogger


Maddy said...

i liked the telugu version of kamal in this - naidu..

kallu said...

Yes, Maddy. And he is plastered all over the new posters. The body language of a govt servant is remarkable. Only it reminded me of a character SPB did long a go in thiruda thiruda. Did you like the whole movie?