Thursday, April 17, 2008

Santhosh Subramanian

Do you dislike ‘cute girls’? I do. The heroine of this movie, Hasini is far more pert, bubbly, cuter than any modern heroine. Very very difficult to digest.

By the interval, I was thinking -This must be one of the most stupid films I’ve ever seen. We were at the theatre to keep my mind off a couple of things. I said to Darshini that I should have stayed home and kept my mind on those things instead.Only knowing it was a super duper hit in telugu kept us there to see if the story would finally start after the break.

It did a bit. The film makes one point but takes a long while getting there. In many Indian families, its Father Knows best. It was in mine and I still find it very difficult to make a decision of which my father does not approve.
Its not that Father or Mother is bad or makes wrong decisions or does not consider carefully each decision . They have the child's interest so much at heart they can't let go.The child never gets to make decisions on his own. The parent knows whats best and what is right for the child.
Santhosh Subramanian is the story of one such relationship when the father doesn't let go of his child’s hand until he is forced to.

Maybe that is why the movie was popular. Because many people can identify with it.

NOte: Many many people seem to disagree with me:-))) They like the movie very much.

The HIndu has given it a good review. But since the general thumb rule is 'if the HIndu gives a good review, it must be a bummer', that can be disregarded.

And Darshini's friend wants her to find him a bride just like Genelia in the movie.!

Taste is a very individual thing:-))))))


aalok said...

I don't know about the movie, but talking of decision making, I never found my parents interfering with my decisions. In fact, all the major decisions regarding my life have been taken by me independently.

- Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered and no one was there.

kallu said...

Good for you .

Indrani said...

Hi long time no post! Hope u r keeping fine and wedding preparations are going on as per plan.

kallu said...

HI Indrani, Yes fine and so far mostly on schedule. Just have to keep going away for different things. And can't write there.
Thanks for caring enough to ask.

Maddy said...

actually i liked the movie - saw it yesterday. Genelia is fascinating and we had seen her hindi movie two weeks ago - jane tu which was very good.

kallu said...

Maddy, its the male vs female view on anything- especially women. :-)
We see some characters as just too unreal.