Friday, February 8, 2008


To all those people who think I seem to spend a lot of my time reading and then writing long reviews of them.
Yes I do, more books than are recorded here. Sometimes the Internet goes off or Im travelling and my two bits doesn't get recorded for posterity.

And I watch a lot movies too. Some in the recent past:

Mona Lisa smile -
Julia Roberts becomes a lecturer in Wellesley college, a college for girls which follows a lot of traditions - the main one being that it prepares them for marriage. Julia tries to show them that there is more to life than that - you can have it all , she tells them.
She herself doesn't. Her high standards don't allow men to stay in her life. But she stays true to herself and what she believes in and that is finally appreciated by the girls.
Julia Roberts is always worth watching and this makes the movie worth the time.

She said in an interview that while shooting for the film, she was deeply involved with her marriage and what she was mouthing was contrary to what she believed in then.
I guess women always will have this conflict of love vs career.

Get Shorty :
Another good looker who makes it easy to watch. John Travolta in a suit and a very persuasive manner moves from muscle man for a casino to producer for a movie.
'Oh I wasnt pressured 'he says, 'I was applying all the pressure.'

This is a cute comedy. Though it takes some of the fun away when you watch by yourself.

Out of Africa : Though I saw this more than a month ago- it still lingers in the mind. Meryl Streep as a strong, sexy European woman who flourishes in deep Africa. Robert Redford, as the intelligent loner who woos her although she is married.
The setting is magnificent and the photography wonderful. Though to see them settling down to dinner in the wilds with music (from a phonograph) and glass and cutlery makes one think 'you bloody exploitative Europeans - you certainly made yourselves comfortable at the expense of us poor dumb natives'
The movie won about a dozen Oscars . It is that good.

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