Monday, February 11, 2008


Recently my daughter went to stay for a weekend with a friend in Calcutta. Not just her, but eight young people from her college. In a one-bedroom house.
The girls slept in the bedroom, while the young men slept in the living room or to give it its proper Indian name, the hall.
Mr and Mrs Venkatachalam wouldn't hear of the young men going and staying outside.Nor of eating out. They rose at dawn to heat hot water for their baths and cook breakfast and pack lunch for them to carry .

I was astounded by the extent of their hospitality and good nature. In this age, and for big city people ( forgive me city dwellers for my generalisations) to be so generous with themselves and their time and house was so heartwarming.
We tend to get so comfortable in the narrow routines of our lives, we don't like to be disturbed.

But, I hear,its not enough for me to be so open mouthedly admiring.
My turn is coming soon.

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