Thursday, January 10, 2008

It takes a Baby to show You where You are

I was roped in to help a mother and her new born child and was in the hospital with them for three days, rather nights. Not really something I enjoy but something one has to do, when called.

I'm not thinking when I look at the little wizened face, that this is a miracle of nature. Thoughts running through my head are more on the lines of when will she sleep so I can sleep too.

After two nights of sleeping on a sofa, I had this terrible ache in my arm. Like most healthy people, I can't take signs to the contrary in my stride. I had to call my husband to find out whether it is pain in the left or right arm that signifies a heart attack. He said crossly that I was take a tablet and go to bed without worrying about vague stuff.

I do have to admit he is right because mostly it's gone away. But tough to realise, that I can no more plonk myself down on a sofa and get up unscathed.

But last night, after putting my daughter on a train, I had to jump off after it started moving and that I can still do it cheered me up immensely.

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