Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hold My Hand

A couple of days ago, I was reveling in my kids thinking Im so lucky . This happens when they do something good or other people's kids do something bad.

Then yday Sindhu calls up 5 minutes after the train has left the station. 'Dont scream, but... can you send me my certificates by courier .' I don't scream- yes, outwardly, but inwardly I'm at fever pitch.

One would think that a young adult on her way to a job interview would have taken care of her certificates first.
But then one would think an older child would take her hall ticket to the exam. And find one is mistaken after reaching the exam hall 5 miles away.
And a hundred other things that I have been mistaken about.

The problem is Im not a questioning, want-to-know-all mother. I don't live my children's lives with them. And they often fall short of all they are supposed to know or do which might not have occurred if I was on the ball with them.
Hopefully, its teaching them to take responsibility for their own lives and allowing them to make their mistakes (lots of mistakes). And learning how to cope when things go wrong.

I have an Aunt who likes to know every detail of her kid's lives. They feel secure because she is monitoring each detail, taking care of so much, helping them out wherever she can altho they live across the world.
But, their married lives are not succesful.

This is an observation of just one instance. I really don't know how far it holds good for other people.


archana said...

how come there is nothing about dachu in it??????????

kallu said...

Because Dachu is so good!!!!
And far away. So she can't trouble me.