Monday, January 14, 2008

Are We talking Too Much on Our blogs?

Last night, on NDTV, there was a discussion on whether bloggers or blogging should be regulated or not?

Barkha Dutt, who was moderating, had been the target of several rumors on various blogs so she was clearly anti-blogging to start with. But being an intelligent person, she saw the way the wind was blowing and dropped her stance by the end.

The discussion covered why people blog - to express themselves, reach out to wider audiences, make like minded friends, talk about topics difficult to touch on in real life.

Being the media, they did spotlight on two or there very candid personal bloggers who talked about sexuality. One, a very attractive male was picked up by the cameras very often. He did confess to a certain amount of voyeurism when blogging. The two young women said they used pseudonyms because they were so candid and that gave rise to a lot of unwelcome comments. And that their parents were aware of their blogging and hence their sex life too and they weren't too embarrassed by that.

The Man from Aaj Tak did say that a lot of people could now easily write in public and that was very cathartic and releasing. So more or less, it was agreed that it was a good thing and policing could be done only after the blog was written or 'the crime was committed'.

I only wished that they'd manage to identify Mysore Blog Park when they did their research and had our GVK on the show. He would have had a couple of things to say .


Pradeep said...

It's simple: even it's a personal comment, when it's in public domain (like what blogs are), one needs to be discreet. Blogs will regulate themselves. But what needs to be put in place, is an efficient mechanism for redressal of any grievances. If blogger tarnishes an individual's or companies reputation for no reason, what's the way out?

narendra shenoy said...

Policing usually fails when the medium is the internet. I've read a few blogs where the comments are extremely abusive and hate sort of radiates out of the screen, its so intense. But the people who resort to vituperation are usually the ones who have nothing of any substance to contribute. You tend to mentally tune them out after a while.

kallu said...

Pradeep, there are still no effective policing or grievance redressal mechanisms for the Internet as a whole. So, we'll just have to learn to live, ignoring abuse.As Narendra Shenoy says.
We could choose not to read.