Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thinking point

After I put that last post on desicritics, there was a rash of comments following. Lots of people enjoying themselves taking up positions often reiterated.

They had nothing to do with either me or my post.

But, sifting through them, a friend told me that she found one comment rather true. And that truly shocked me.

I have also noticed that most parents have little interests in difficulties of their children face. They feel, if a child earns money and works long hours, he/she is happy. This needs to change.

Granted, if a child complains, we would say - 'stick it out' ; 'That's the way the world works. '; You'e got to learn - rather than 'comeback. Quit.'

We imagine that if it became unbearable, then we would help them to move on. But, which is the point when it becomes unbearable. It’s different for each person.

Are we really looking to satisfy our egos so much through the achievements of our children?

We are and we have to wake up.

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