Monday, December 10, 2007


After three weeks, I went on my usual route for a walk. And find
1) a new shiny tall Al tower for some cell phone company
2) roads being widened and stripped of all bushes
3) two earth movers at work on the hillside flattening parts to build more flats.

I cursed all developers soundly for the rest of my walk negating all benefits.
Why can't they leave this countryside be?

And curse all the people who want to buy a little flat in Ooty, get into the coils of the developers and spend a miserable two years fighting it out with them . They would probably spend about 7 days a year here at ooty, why not spend them in a hotel anyway?

Why escalate prices here so local people cant afford to buy and create worry for themselves maintaining a damp, badly built unit? why dont they keep the money in the stock market?

I wish India didnt shine so much. Increasing the divide more and more.

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