Sunday, December 2, 2007

Apur Sansar

It wasn't slow.It wasn't boring The story moved rapidly in fact. The camera didnt linger excruciatingly slowly on anything. The film didnt leave one depressed. All the negative thoughts that come in when one sits down to watch a much acclaimed film.

Apur Sansar was a visual treat. Each frame was thought out carefully and in black and white - it was really sensational. The debut of both Soumitra Chatterjee and Sharmila Tagore, the two of them are so young and handsome. Seeing Sharmila as a demure , pert and cute child bride is a lovely suprise.

Soumitra is so good looking at any angle and his face seems to express any emotions so easily.The unfolding relationship between the young couple, its easiness and happiness are brought out so well. Poverty doesnt dull their happiness as many young couples know but forget.

Satyajit Ray was really a master of film. The visuals still linger on in my mind a day later. And I hope ZEe does bring out more of his fims. With sub-titles.

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