Monday, November 5, 2007

Letting Go

I’ve been giving away things, big and small recently and they never stayed in my mind. But giving away the old TV is reverberating in my mind. It’s like parting with a member of the family. That might seem an exaggerated statement but in the Indian context, many people can identify with it.

The first TV is a major event in a middle class family especially in one which started out about 25 years ago. I remember buying this Tv with so much hope and excitement, on installment. It brought so much of the outside world, so much entertainment into our lives when we were largely housebound with 2 young children.

Now that we have a sleeker version and my mother-in-law is long gone, we really don’t need a second TV in a household of two people. So, the decision to let it go.

And relishing the excitement of the maid and her young family makes me relive all that excitement we had long ago.

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