Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What is it that makes some people move with a natural grace and the unlucky among us miss out on this life-richening trait? With singing you can understand that you either have it or don’t. But is it so with dancing too?

Watching groups of performers, the eye is naturally attracted to one or two of them. A wise choreographer usually puts them in front.

They know the moves, they are concentrating on them and do it well with what looks like effortless ease, they don’t seem to have inhibitions, they like what they are doing and are happy about it all.

Oh well.


latha vidyaranya said...

please do not say, "the unlucky among us miss out on this life-richening trait? " it is not luck that decides whether one can dance or not. it surely is an aptitude and interest you must have. you can learn it any age, if only you make up your mind. there are so many dance competitions running live on TV channels these days that showcase one expert who trains somebody who did not know the ABC of dance and once training is done the expert and the newly trained dancer dance together as partners and win people's hearts!

most of the times it is our conditioned inhibitions that we have acquired over years of growing up that make us believe that we are not good at certain things and we never make an attemp to learn. if only we drop those inhibitions and take a bold step of learning any skill, at any age, i am sure we can succeed.

i recently heard that one of my friend's mother-in-law, who is 80 yrs, learnt swimming and took part in a swimming competition for the seniors and won a prize!

come on, you are as young as you feel :) or as old as you think :(

by the way, i learnt about your blog through sri GVK's blog.

kallu said...

Latha, I stand duly corrected. Soon, I hope its not going to be 'standing' any more but moving. However ungraceful I think I look.

As you say, its the mind that is stopping me; and you're inspiring enough to remove some of those blocks.