Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This is an old book written by a Lloyd.C.Douglas. But it has a definite feminine feel to it. The thoughts and the story.

It’s in key with the thoughts of our oldest philosophers which are being revived today.
NO resistance. Go with the flow. Don’t rail against what is happening to you. Don't curse people who let you down or do bad things to you.
Trust in a higher being. Or Nature or It. or They.
Don’t bargain with Them. Don’t ask. You can hope, but not implore.

Best things could happen or not. Usually they do, when you do your best and trust is the theme of the book.

It also emphasises on doing good, more on ' being good' known only to you. You don’t tell anyone about it. And that builds your character.

The protagonist is a person who gives birth in a state hospital and has to give up the child for adoption. She feels she has used the state resources and has to repay it in some way. So she goes to work in a Professors house as maid; he being a tax payer.

It was a surprise to see these thoughts in a Western man and so many years ago.

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