Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On the Fast Track

Im actually reading my last post and grinning blearily. Because Im crazily busy now and as Dachu, says it seems the best time to blog....not when life is empty and full of time. I should be preparing my lessons for tomorrow but my mind refuses to function that way.

Home is a place where I come to eat and sleep. And unwind. The evidence of living is everywhere. Books and papers on surfaces which are not covered with drying clothes. I only have to wear a pair of socks and they are wet. Shoes ,slippers are drying around or trying to dry in the daylight. Ugly fuzzy caps line the livign room. Cartons of the English lessons I had packed away are lying with contents half inside and around. Candles and matches are permanently out. Meals are sketchy supplemented by all the biscuits I can eat without guilt swamping me totally.

Hugh Prather says ...If you are in doubt whether you should say something , then dont. Because when the heart is clear, the mind is too. Only when the ego is involved, and you may not be talking totally in the interest of the other, then doubt creeps in. Good to remember next time I want to point out some fault in another person and wonder virtuously whether I should

Another thing of his I liked. You can either talk/write subject or feelings to people. But its all mere words. What you are connecting to is something underneath all that. So disregard all those phrases and words that upset you.
People want to be appreciated and supported. And that is what is underneath all our exhanges.

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