Monday, May 21, 2007

Blood Diamond

A good movie, with lots of action. Probably done with a lot of planning. Those authentic looking shots with people running and bombs, killings, buildings collapsing, cars blowing up must have been done with a lot of expertise. Everything is so real. A slice of Africa. With its indifference to human life or pain or suffering, coups, rebels, dust, poverty and the whites looking immaculately dishevelled above it all.

The story is so old fashioned. Cowboy story set in Africa for a change. Mercenary bad guy looking out only for himself. The black proud stand tall good guy.The Hungry woman journalist looking for fulfilment thro stories. They each want something from the other in true human style.

Good guy is looking for his son and the journalist can help him. She wants a story and the mercenary can help her. Mercenary wants the huge diamond which the good guy has hidden. How they get together and get what they want is the story.
But strangely, it didn't touch my heart. Couldn't really connect. Too many expectations maybe.

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